The gospel of Jesus Christ is a ‘pearl of great price’. But unlike expensive jewellery that we carefully keep away, this is one gem we want to put on everyday. Believing in Jesus makes a difference in the way we live now as much as it does for eternity!

I started this blog as an experiment to record my experience of  that difference in my life.  My hope is that you will be encouraged to see that it’s worthwhile taking time to dig deep into the gospel.


I’m married to Graham Choo since Dec 2009. Happily, we have worked out our budget so that I can stay at home and study for a theological certificate while he works in Promiseland as an admin executive and a independent financial advisor.

I’ve never thought of being a stay-home mum, let alone a stay-home wife! But I’m thoroughly enjoying this stage of life and the blessings it brings. Blogging is my way of making better use of my time (so long as I write meaningfully!) so drop by and visit.

See you!

Serene Choo


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