More please, papa!


Not a day – or an hour – passes in our house without this phrase popping up. With a combination of hand signs (more please) and words (papa), Jireh uses it whenever he wants something fron us.

Sometimes he wants to read a book or sing a song again; sometimes he wants another hug; most of the times he is asking for his most favourite fruit in the whole wide world — a blueberry.

If he even suspects I am taking the blueberries out of the freezer, he goes into an incantation-cum-gesturing frenzy: “More please papa please papa please papa! More more more please papa.” So annoyingly cute.

And I would then try to say with a straight face while trying not to be tripped by said toddler who is now hot on my heels: “Jireh you have to wait patiently.”

Then proceed to calmly procure that blue elixir of life and present it to the hungry puppy circling around me.

Anyway I realised it is possible to say “please” without really being kind or courteous at all. And I don’t mean just Jireh.

Very often when I say please, I really mean “hurry up you are wasting my time” as in “can you do this now please?” Or “you are an idiot” as in “please don’t do that again” (eye rolling optional).

It’s more than manners that Jireh and I need to learn (though that’s important of course). It is possible to put on the best manners outwardly without our hearts ever changing. And no amount of “please” could ever make us right before God.

We really need a Saviour King to reign in our hearts, to conquer our kingdom of self, and to help us love others so much — enough so we would say please and say it kindly.

So while I will still be saying my please and thank you’s, I have to get busy with praying please and amen’s for God to help both myself and Jireh!

(It’s not a typo. Jireh says “more please, papa” no matter who he’s asking. It’s because we first taught him when Graham had the bag of blueberries, and it’s stuck ever since!)


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