The gospel way to change diapers.


Water play is one of Jireh’s favourites. I give him a couple of basins filled with water and some spoons and that keeps him occupied for a good while. He is in his own world especially when he is pouring water on himself (when was the last time you were engrossed with that?) and times like that I look at him and think: Babies are so amazing and he’s SO CUTE!

Last week, because I have changed his diaper just before we started playing (my faultless timing par excellence), it felt like too much hassle and a waste to change what actually was a clean diaper. Inspired by the story of how God chose King David, I said:

“Hmm you know what? Your diapers are wet only on the outside but they are clean on the inside. So we are not going to change them ok? And you know, that’s how God looks at us too. He does not care about how we look like on the outside — whether we are good looking, sporty or smart — he cares about our heart on the inside. He wants us to love him and love other people. Ok, so we are not changing your diapers.”

(Last sentence being said in a that-settles-it tone.)

(I change diapers when they are dirty. Really, I do.)

(Don’t get too worried.)


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  1. Aww! Serene, I love your posts about each day with Jireh, especially this one! I can just imagine my favourite baby J… 🙂 Yup it is true isn’t it… Can’t wait to hang out with you both again soon.

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