how long has it been?


It feels like a 1000 years since I blogged! And I think I have forgotten how to write. In any case I should go back to baby’s side soon, the bed is calling out to me! But so, for memories’ sake, here is a point form summary of what’s happened.

– I had post-natal depression (boo…)

– I went for counseling which was great (yay…)

– My counselor was a family aunty who noticed I needed help (phew…)

– Jireh was waking up 6 to 8 times a night and I was dying (argh…)

– I broke down in the middle of a very normal chat with her at the family’s Christmas dinner. If it was anyone else they might have freaked out. But this aunty was so gentle and loving to me. (ahh…)

– Counseling was very therapeutic… really! And interesting too. (mmm…)

– It turns out I was struggling a lot with GUILT. Guilt! Guilt! Guilt! And the fatigue just made it explode in my head (kaboom!)

– We did a few things to help me manage the guilt (yup…)

– I was convicted by Colossians to go to church with Jireh no matter what (yay…)

– I brought Jireh to sleep with us in our bed and it’s been so much better since (yay…)

– He still wakes up as much as he wants to at night but I feel less tired (phew…)

– I have read that co-sleeping mums may sleep fewer hours than those who don’t but they report better sleep… and it seems to be true so far! (yeah…)

– Graham turned 28 in February! (whoohoo…)

– I bought him a Betty Crocker microwaveable cake that he could make by himself, just add water (haha…)

– We started Jireh on babyled weaning and it’s been messy and fun (ack!)

– The whole family fell sick, one after another (boo…)

– We recovered! (phew…breastfeeding with a runny nose was gross)

– Jireh has to go for an xray tomorrow now that he’s well (mmm…)

– He is turning 7 months old this Friday! (yay!)

I don’t know what the parentheses are meant to do, add emotions to this whole post?


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  1. I found myself looking back in time when we first have Caleb, our first child. My wife is a nurse and during her night duties it’s my turn to take care of him. I very well understood that process though I’m not the mother. What I see is that you fare excellently well (there are no school for parenting). You come to grips with your honest feelings and you have made necessary adjustments. The good thing about it is that we have the Lord to unburden us with our heavy loads when it seems people around us can’t help. More power! Can I share your thoughts on Facebook? I believe your blogs can help a lot of people similarly situated.. God Bless you and Graham.

  2. Hello Elizardo!

    Thanks for your encouragement. Yes God is faithful and good! 🙂 Sure, you may share on fb if you think it would be helpful to others! I didn’t really do a good job of penning my thoughts, but just briefly recorded it though:)

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