The other night Graham and I were chatting about old times — y’know, where we got together, why I cried at my birthday, how he proposed (and amazingly, to my amusement, he remembers more details than I do!)

Those were good times.

I’ve never seen myself as a sentimental person (you know by the old cards and gifts I throw out every time I spring clean, oops) but that chat revived something special between my husband and I. (It was a pleasant surprise to know how much he remembers!) It was sweet talking about shared memories. And we had a good laugh over how scanty my memory can be (ok I’m not sure if he found it as funny as I did!)

And it struck me as a good idea to remember old milestones in my spiritual life when there’s really not much going on now. It is appalling how poor our memory is (as is already proven for mine). But maybe I can dig out some treasures to keep the fire burning.

Yeah those were good times.


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