Pause and Play


I will be putting a Pause on Project Words to press Play on Project First Love.

A friend has asked to borrow the book, War of Words, which Project Words is based on. (And hey, friend-who-borrowed-book, before you think: “Oh no I am disrupting your project!” Don’t worry, I cannot be happier to lend you the book. In fact that’s the whole point of blogging on the topic and I love that you took the initiative to borrow the book!)

And what a timely Pause this is. The truth is, I feel like I have been running on empty. I have lots of words, lots of thoughts, lots of ideas but I am not really filled with Jesus. What really convicted me, funnily enough, was a sermon I didn’t even hear. It was the sermon Ivan preached on Revelations 1-3. According to Daniel who summarized the message for Graham, the application is about reflecting on our lives because the problems the 7 churches had are still problems that we face today.

I really identify with the church of Ephesus (Revelation 2:1-6). I have stood firm and endured through recent trials but I have lost my first love. I don’t wake up in the morning, longing to read God’s word, prayer can always wait and on most days, it’s easier to busy myself around the house when Jireh is napping rather than read and pray. Trusting in God is still firmly rooted in my heart but that same heart is just not thirsting for God the way it used to.

I’m not sure what Project First Love really is about. In fact, you can say, the more time I spend with God, the less time I should have to blog or visit Facebook! It’s easy to spin words, upload a photo, drop a comment, refreshing for the latest “stories”… it’s gonna be hard to have undivided attention, but that’s what I am gonna do and ask God’s help for. And I’ll see what comes up!


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