a quick salad for people who need to sit down quickly


As I approach my due date, the more careful I have to be to… SIT DOWN. Yeah I know, how many of us think about sitting down right? But so many times I have been busy cooking, cleaning, or shopping and BAM! the backache hits me and renders me, honestly, quite useless for anything else. I really need to impose sit-down-and-do-nothing intervals for every half hour of activity.

But obviously I would never manage to cook a meal in 30 minutes. It would go something like: Wash vegetables, chop garlic, slice meat. SIT DOWN. Wash knives and board, wash rice, put to cook, take out seasoning. SIT DOWN. Stir-fry vegetables, dish out vegetables, put stuff into sink. SIT DOWN. Wash up. SIT DOWN. Dish out food. SIT DOWN. Eat and wash up.

That’s five sit-down sessions for one meal! Not exactly the most efficient. And not the most enjoyable as well.

So I made a quick salad instead — a variation on the Waldorf — the other day. And it goes: Wash celery, dice 4 apples, chop celery, mix with mayonnaise, dried cranberries and prunes. SIT DOWN and enjoy!

(We ate this with 6 Ikea chicken wings, which made it doubly enjoyable heh!)


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