You know you need to know this.


Hamlet turns full-term today! Which means he would not be considered premature if he’s born any time now. (Whoever needed to know this?! “Ahh useful bit of info there, a 37-week-old foetus is not premature, how did you know I wanted to know that?”)


I slept a lot and read a lot today.

Which is the reason I love maternity leave. Because it’s possible to sleep A LOT and read A LOT in one day. Normally, sleeping a lot would mean unwashed clothes, takeaway dinners, unread books and you get the gist.

I was barely awake today (mainly because I was out gallivanting six hours yesterday, hoping all that walking would produce a short labour) but I still managed to read a passage from 1 Timothy for devotions and later, 2 chapters from 2 Peter in the ESV Study Bible to help me understand the book better. Then I also memorised two more verses from 2 Peter.

I’m hoping to spend more wakeful hours tomorrow though. And think about what I would really love to do if time and money were no object.


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