Hamlet and Saturday Night Life


How soon can we bring Hamlet to Saturday Night Life? Yes it’s that exciting that I want my newborn son to be part of it too! We had our fourth session last week and hearing God’s word together with a bunch of young people has made a deep impression on my heart. This is community!

I have been pondering the challenges — e.g. feeding the baby and the baby’s bedtime — and wondering if it will mean being away from the community for a long time until the baby’s got some kind of routine. And SNL’s only just started!

A lot of my thoughts revolve around how I can continue to serve the people in this community even after Hamlet is born. But just last Saturday, the Bible talk also reminded me of my very own need to be served by this community. I need this bunch of friends to remind me to cling to Jesus. So my desire to persevere in meeting up has grown.

And just when the thought of being isolated made me even more pensive about the near future, I recall a picture that the youth mission team brought back from China. It is a photo of a Chinese mother leading a house church. She has a baby bundled in a cloth wrap on her back and a toddler wrapped around her knee. And she does this every week so that the group of Christians in her small village can meet.

I am deeply encouraged by that picture and I pray that my child will not become the centre of my world. I pray that God will grant us the wisdom to care for Hamlet as his parents yet knowing when to make sacrifices for the sake of God’s family. And I pray that all these will display the glory of Jesus Christ more clearly in the world.


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