the 3rd i-can’t-believe-it trimester


Tomorrow marks the beginning of my 3rd trimester. Which means it’s just 14 weeks to go before Hamlet meets the world! (I really want to see what he looks like.) And for those who are dying to find out, his real name will finally be revealed then.

I’m trying to picture life in this very house I’m in with a living, crying, pooping baby. How is it like to feel overwhelmed, joyful, distressed, frustrated and excited? What would I be thinking at different moments of the day? Would I be patient with Hamlet or break down and freak out?

Whenever we are out on a spontaneous date, or taking an indulgent Sunday afternoon nap, I’ve also tried to remind Graham and myself that these will be impossible when Hamlet’s here. And it wouldn’t be just for a week or a month, it would be for years.

I’ve also thought about how my relationships with people would have to change, and I really don’t know how that will look like, and especially, feel like. It could be really easy for a new, tired mother to feel isolated from her friends and feel guilty for not spending time with them.

I wonder what kind of discipline it would take to wield the Sword of the Spirit in these times — how would I read the Bible and pray without giving way to sleep or (I won’t be surprised) more housework? What practical help can my husband and friends give?

In 14 weeks I will find out answers to some of these questions and others I would slowly grapple with along the way. What makes the 3rd trimester really good is seeing God’s goodness in sustaining me for the past 6 months and being able to trust in that same goodness for the future. And did I mention I’m really keen to see what Hamlet looks like?


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