Cough no more!


Tuesday morning was ugly. I was up all night from coughing and my lozenges made me throw up. It felt like the first trimester was making a comeback. I got through the day but the thought of surviving another work day without sleep made me faint.

Which is why I’m so Thankful (with a capital T as you can see) that my cough vanished completely yesterday. One night I was sputtering wildly like I was going into fits, and the next I slept like I had a new throat coated with manukah honey.

I thank God for modern medicine (3x cough syrup, half a pack of Strepsils and 2 Redoxon vit C) that works. He is the source of healing, and he enables medicine to work in the bodies he has created.

I thank God for healing, that things that have gone wrong can be made right. Like my cough which went away, one day tears and pain will go away too in the new heaven and earth. Not just for me, but for all who will believe on Christ Jesus now.

I thank God for the hope this brings and pray that my friends who are hurting now will hold on to that hope and that those who long for healing will hear the gospel and find it in the person of Jesus.


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