practising thankfulness for MTMT


When pregnancy came around I had a feeling that every mum, auntie and estrogen-charged creature will hustle round and yak about pregnancy and its ups and down, and I was more than a little reeling. Because you see, I was never one for gushing and sharing.

Even if you had talked to me about dance at the height of my interest for example, I would have stopped at “Oh you should try it some day.” If you want to know what books I read (and hoard jealously), I would shrug and say, “Oh err, just a few here and there.”

When my pregnancy was confirmed, I googled for a gynecologist . Asking for a recommendation never occured to me! The instant bonds in Mum-to-Mum talks when other women realise you are pregnant elude me still.

But what I really battle is pride — the kind of arrogance that prevents me from hearing the good counsel older and wiser women have to offer. God has placed these older women in the lives of younger women to train us in godliness (Titus 2:3-5). Rejecting them is tantamount to rejecting God’s good and gracious gift. That’s how dangerous pride is!

Thankfully, in answer to Graham’s prayers and mine for humility, I have enjoyed many conversations about pregnancy and motherhood. Opening myself up simply to listen to others have been one of the best things during this time.


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