God’s grace abounds in trimester 2


The best thing about trimester two is having more energy to serve others. I still take 90-minutes nap when I can (read: nearly every day) but there have been opportunities to head out and do things too.

One of the most memorable was making food for 80 young people during a church youth event. And I have to thank a friend, who very gently pointed out that I am pregnant (sometimes you forget these things) and perhaps, catering would be a wiser choice than cooking from scratch. And sure enough, trimester two regardless, I am definitely no Energizer bunny! So although I struggled with doing something so sensible — I kept thinking, the youths are not going to like boring catered food! — I am thankful that the good advice helped me served humbly with joy.

And just when I no longer fall into a sleeping stupor every single afternoon, a stay-at-home-mum friend has just moved in nearby with two kids! Visiting them after work is another chance to fellowship with a sister and support her in her family’s move back. By God’s excellent timing, the two times I dropped in, I had the chance to babysit the children while the parents talk to the renovation contractors. That really fleshed out for me the amazing way God intends for his community to live life together in love, sometimes, through very practical prosaic ways.

There are other things that I hope to do more of, but which I may continue to find difficult… even for many years to come, with a young child. But I shall continue to pray, trust and hope in God. Everyday his grace is abounding toward me!


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  1. You are most welcome, Serene.

    I didn’t think the little comment from me would help you so much. Well would be great to hang out more and fellowship, good times and relationship alway start somewhere right? 😀


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