remembering the first trimester


Where did the time go? The days have been a blur. No, I haven’t been busy (and that’s great!) but I have been enjoying my time with people, with story books, with housework — anything but the computer and the fb-induced need to tell people what I am doing.

I thank God that I cruised through the first trimester. Not that there wasn’t a lot of discomfort (‘cos there was!) but I was buoyed along by a  trippy feeling of being unburdened, unworried and unfearful, in the heart.

It’s the same feeling that I had when I waited seven months for Graham to make the first move in our relationship, going about my own business and my relationship with God, without ever knowing if he even liked me.

This is not entirely intentional but I have been preparing for motherhood by working on my marriage! Working together is turning out good for our relationship. Instead of breeding contempt, work is making Graham and I best friends because we goof around so much! And it has been fantastic having loads of downtime at night watching One Piece together and having two-hour lunch breaks at the prata shop over CNY.

I also finished reading Gary Thomas’ Sacred Marriage. Even though he hates reading, Graham is going through a chapter on Fathers in a pregnancy book I have. We do a page or two when we can at bedtime ha ha! I am so proud of him that he remembers that I am supposed to ‘pant’ and not ‘push’ when the baby’s head is showing during delivery!

Baby Hamlet is now 15 weeks old. It’s early days yet. But I can face the rest of the pregnancy and parenting because I know God is with me and he will never forsake me. He proved it when his Son died for me on the cross.


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