Oh, I don’t see!


I checked myself in at the gynaecologist clinic after a positive home test kit result. Little did I know it was the beginning of a series of comedy sketches.

#1 In about 15 seconds we saw the blip on the screen and we were done.

Gynae: Good! The foetus is in the right position.

Me: Oh great! So where is that?

Gynae: In the uterus…


#2 At the second visit.

Gynae: You see the blinking spot on the screen? That’s the heart.

Me, looking at the only blip on the screen: Oh wow.

Gynae, pointing at that same tiny blip: And that’s the foetus. Everything’s well.

Me: Oh that’s not the heart?

Gynae: No. The heart’s got to be smaller than the foetus.


#3 The 3rd time.

Besides learning to appear a little less bimbotic, thankfully the blip looks a lot more human and we can see clearly now the hands and the feet. Although there is no telling what other things I don’t really see. We are due for another visit in a week’s time!


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  1. Hey Serene,

    That’s so funny. Don’t worry I am sure the doctor knows youre a first time mum and hence you would’t know all that… He’s probably very understanding…

    But seriously it tickled me…



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