too positive too soon


“You look so fresh!” An auntie commented on Sunday night. “Sometimes pregnant women tend to look a bit sickly.”

“Thank you,” I beamed, feeling unusually energetic (not to mention, sociable) that day.  It must be because I had just spent the afternoon catching up with Vanessa!

That night, I also freely shared with anyone who asked, that I am feeling much better now and the worst of morning sickness had passed. I can eat almost anything now! Our baby has hands and feet! It’s nearly 12 weeks, it’s so cool! It was the most excitement I had ever worked up ever since we knew I am pregnant.

The very next day I threw up twice in the morning alone. And I couldn’t go to work. I only woke up at 1pm. And I couldn’t eat anything for dinner except drink apple and pear juice.

Is there anything in pregnancy books that says you can’t be too positive too soon?!


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