encouragement doesn’t end with Project Encouragement


The most encouraging thing I did today was to wash the toilet and welcome him back from his IPPT with a home-cooked dinner. To encourage myself, I pampered my hands with a newly-bought aloe vera-lined gloves from 3M, which I would normally have dismissed as ridiculous. After all, I had washed the toilet for eight months with my bare hands and they are none the worse.

But you need every help you can get when you are 11 weeks pregnant ha ha. Although I never did dread toilet-washing because I get to splash water around like a fireman, and seeing pure white porcelain gives me the kind of happiness some women feel when their faces attain the same pallor. Let’s face it, I owe the toilet some TLC for all the nonsense I have been spewing in it.

Anyway dinner was beehoon in pork bone stock with mushrooms, tomatoes and omelette strips plus fried batang fish. And after dinner, on our sofa tete-a-tete, I had to beg a very somnolent Graham to tell me what else I can do to continue encouraging him. I could have chosen a better time, for my tummy was bloated and at times like that, one tends to be one-track-minded. So I kept asking.

Then he finally squeezed out one idea: “To be less fussy about cleanliness.” I immediately guessed: “You mean when you are eating?” He nodded. Of all the great and wonderful things he could have requested, he has struck right at my weakest spot. So don’t be surprised to find me throwing food around to get used to the idea of a dirty dinner table… nah, just kidding. Well I guess that means lots of thinking and working things out after today.


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