the prayer is the answer


I asked a question the other day, and I unwittingly answered it myself in a prayer.

“Dear God, teach me to love my husband unconditionally with no reservations because you did not hold back your love even when he was still a sinner.”

It can be so gratifying when my husband takes the initiative to pray, or when he shares his meditations on the bible. I find myself just being the slightest bit more cheerful, obliging and attentive around him. Yet he really needs to know my love doesn’t depend on him waking up to read his bible, praying for the lost, and caring for others.

Isn’t this the gospel of grace? “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8) God didn’t wait for us to do one thing right before he came down himself to make us right!

I know I won’t survive half a day if God or Graham only loves me on the days I read my bible, pray and share the gospel with our neighbour. I would collapse under the strain — reading the bible would become an irksome task! It’s only because I’m so certain of God’s love that I can open my bible tomorrow even after I have neglected it today.

So as God loves, I shall too, with his help!



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  1. You have a really awesome blog going on here. I too am a
    Christian and the fact that you try so hard for your life to revolve around Christ is just really awesome and I pray you will always do that.

    This specific post sort of helped me in a way. Thank you.

    Your posts are really a blessing. (:

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