the deed is done


We finally told our families the news — well, he did. And I’m so very thankful.

You see, I have been cancelling or avoiding meetings with friends because I am too exhausted or too nauseous. And before we had told our families, I thought it wasn’t very nice to tell everyone else, so I came up with excuses like, “I’m not feeling well.” And it felt kind of sad to me to call your baby a near-sickness (although it does feel very much that way right now.)

The other thing is, I’m not one for announcing news. It would probably sound more like bad news, or a muffled cough if it was my job to say it. Me? I write things, I describe them, I think about it, I never just declare it. And since it was already peeking out of this blog, we thought we’d better tell our families before the whole world finds out through facebook.

So he did. As much as he dislikes last-minute arrangements, he agreed to tell my parents while we were still driving to their place for our Christmas dinner. Afterward we rushed back to his family celebrations and let on the news there too.

So I feel legitimized now to be tired, to be nauseous, and to eat poorly.


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