thank you Jesus


In the last two weeks, I

  • started half-day work
  • celebrated my 1st year anniversary with Graham
  • had a mild scare over some possibly bad news
  • received the good news that everything is okay
  • took and passed three insurance examinations
  • could barely eat anything else but porridge (which means we couldn’t go back to Dan Ryan’s for our wedding anniversary!)
  • celebrated Christmas with a youth group but could only eat ham sandwiches
  • went for a friend’s piano concert and watched a 5-year-old play the triangle cheerfully on the wrong beat
  • had a group of girl friends over for a bible study led by a great friend
  • celebrated Christmas again with the same girls and our neighbours and ate fried bee hoon plus grilled chicken – nothing short of a miracle!
  • received the most wonderful tender loving care from my husband

I had also experienced how horrible it feels to fail others and to be failed by others… but it all just filled me with greater thanksgiving for the sacrifice Jesus made for me.

He lived a perfect life for me and died to carry away all my sins. He is the only reason why I can forgive others for failing me, and why I don’t have to feel condemned when I fail others.

I am looking forward to Christmas because it means peace with God and from God. What more can I ask for?


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  1. Dear Serene,

    Thank you for being a blessing even in this time… Do call if you ever need anything or help. 😀

    Hazel 🙂

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