I just need to trust in Jesus today


Today I am so tired and cranky I am forced to think how central the gospel is in my life. Before this project it has never occurred to me just how tiring it is to purposefully encourage a person all the time. For example, when I see a half-flushed toilet, do I a) promptly bring it to my husband’s attention of what he has failed to do or b) forget about it because the toilet’s going to be washed eventually?

I process the choices and on a good day, I calmly remind myself to take option b. Well, on the other days, you can guess what I do. Encouraging a person daily can be demanding because it involves thinking, planning, anticipating, and persevering. It requires resolve.

In other words, I am never going to make it.

Cue the gospel. The good news that Jesus Christ died the death I deserve because of my sin so that I can be forgiven and free. Still, how do I relate to the gospel when I’m facing a half-flushed toilet? It makes me want to cry sometimes — my sheer inability to connect the dots between my life and the gospel. But if there is not the gospel… what else is there?

What I do know (for now while my brain is on hiatus)  is that the sacrifice of Christ covers even that inability. So I don’t have to worry that it depends on the agility of my mind to take hold of God’s grace.

I just need to trust in Jesus today.


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