That is a simple acronym I made up when Graham and I just got married. It stands for Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual. And it helps me quickly see if I’m caring for my husband’s whole person.

Physical — I’m getting the hang of meal planning and the other day, I did some simple research on food nutrition so that we can have a more balanced diet. We are also slowly gaining the habit of exercising together whenever we are not meeting people at night.

Intellectual — Most of it comes from being interested in his work. There are a lot of things to understand about the financial planning industry and about the particular work that he does. Sometimes I offer suggestions and analysis too which turn out helpful.

Emotional — If you know Graham, this is a toughie! He barely expresses his feelings and sometimes I have to probe, search and look hard. It is also an area in which I can be more sensitive. This is where Project Encouragement comes in!

Spiritual — We tried and tested different routines and discovered what works for us. Now we usually wake up around 5am each day to read our bible and pray privately. Then at breakfast we pray for the needs printed in the church bulletin. We are also reading through the gospels at bedtime. A new habit I’m trying out is to read the sermon passage every morning so that we are familiar with it by the time Sunday comes around.

PIES is a simple tool that works for me because I’m a person who needs to see the big picture before I can work on the details. But I don’t think I could divide everything I do into these 4 categories, in fact, it would be just plain weird if I tried to ha ha!


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