The Toilet Episodes


Episode #1

It was pitch dark at 5am when I heard noises from the bathroom. First the shua shua shua, then the kinkatink and the flshhhhhh. I was still groggy and tired from our 7km walk the day before, and wondered what was happening. Then I realised it was my husband brushing his teeth without switching on the lights. He knows that I find them too bright when I’m trying to sleep!

Episode #2

It was 12 midnight when we finally went to bed. Needless to say, he was sleeping before we reached the bed. Minutes after lying down, I got up to check a dripping sound in the bathroom — all good — and I climbed back to bed. I thought he was fast asleep, but then he mumbled, “Anything wrong dear?” I was so touched that he noticed I was unsettled over something!


My encouragement to Graham and to all husbands: it really is worthwhile being considerate and thoughtful toward your wives! Not only does it mean that God will heed your prayers (1 Peter 3:7), it is a huge encouragement to your wives to show the same sensitivity to your needs.


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