Graham’s magical moment!


Have you ever experienced when your loved one is doing something and suddenly it becomes blindingly clear to you how cute/funny/intelligent/caring/gentle he or she is? One of those moments when you ‘rediscover’ the reasons why you fell in love or even find new ones?

Well I was rolling around in bed one night and talking to a very sleepy and patient Graham (as I usually do, see #7). And I was telling him about these magical moments that I had with him. Usually my talk time is short and I am contented to ramble on till he declares that my time’s up.

But that night I asked him if he ever had one of those moments too. After he understood what I meant by those moments he said yes. So I asked, “When? And what did you realise?” But he was too embarrassed to say it! But how could I sleep now!

I must have spent 10 minutes (so much for sleeping) coaxing him with no results. He finally agreed he would write it down if I bring him paper and pen. “Ok!” I would have gone to get it right away if he hadn’t protested, “Not now! Time to sleep.”

So the next day, I gave him my journal and pen and he wrote the sweetest thing ever! He signed and dated his entry: “I realised…”

To be revealed tomorrow on Day 30 of Project Encouragement.


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