day 21 special: Q&A with Graham


What do you think Project Encouragement is about?
It’s about… encouraging your husband in different ways. Through actions, words and prayers, the small things and the big things. Aiyar, everything la!

Complete the sentence “Encouragement is…”
Encouragement is spurring one another on to what God wants us to be. (Whoa!)

What has been the most encouraging for you since the project started?
That encouragement looks beyond a person’s character and the things he does.

What’s with the very ‘cheem’ answers?! Actually I was thinking something more specific.
Oh hmm most enccouraging? You don’t snap at me… as fast?

The interview was conducted at 7am this morning in bed, and at this point both of us collapsed in exhaustion and laughing. So I decided to spare him and save part 2 for tomorrow.


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