10 things I like about Graham

  1. He prays for me after reading the Bible, and with me daily during meal times.
  2. He plays the guitar beautifully when we sing, pray and read the Bible together.
  3. He pretends to not hear my nonsense jingles, then he sings along with me later.
  4. He tells me about his work, clients and meetings but he rarely complains.
  5. He makes the bed every day and removes the hair trapped in the bathroom.
  6. He always gives me a GBH (Great Big Hug) when I ask for one.
  7. He listens to me before falling asleep in bed.
  8. He’s never – NEVER – angry with me!
  9. He goes on adventures with me in SBS buses.
  10. He eats everything I cook (thank goodness).

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