encouragement and humility


It was lunch after church and the age-old joke came up about how a man gets fatter and fatter after getting married. We have seen it in in a couple of friends around us, but for Graham, it’s exactly the opposite!

Everyone is commenting how he is so slim or skinny now. And some would venture: “Have you been eating well?” or the more blunt ones: “Has your wife been feeding you?”

So he was explaining this phenomenon at the table and comparing his maid’s “unhealthy but tasty” food to my “healthy” cooking. His brother quickly quipped: “So you are saying Serene’s cooking is not tasty!”

We all see where this goes. Unfortunately sometimes our choice of words makes us say things we don’t mean. And it used to hurt me a lot when I feel my husband doesn’t “protect” and “adore” me with his words.

But that day, something different was going on in my heart. It was okay not to be that amazing wife who whips up healthy and delicious food. It was okay that others don’t see me as that amazing wife. It was more important for me not to fight or put down my husband in public.

It was a heart rooted and secure in the love of Christ.

My take is, the wife would always get the “blame” whether he’s getting fatter or skinnier so I just laugh it off.


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      • Yea sure, that’s a great idea. 😀 How long has it been since our breakfast at FFT… Forever I’ll say. I love the yuen yang at Toastbox.

        Ok we have to find a date though, It will have to be Saturdays for now but not this Sat. Reply on my blog, please… 🙂

  1. Your post is really encouraging and humbling Serene. God Bless your relationship with Graham. Oh btw, haven’t had a chance to thank you in person for lending me ‘a fresh start’ sorry I took so long to finish it.

    • You are welcome! I have finished it anyway. It’s good that you are borrowing my books, I feel like I can be quite selfish and not want to lend them out ‘cos they are too precious. So you are training me to be generous ha ha!

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