a fruit of the gospel


When I consider my friends’ marriages — those who have dated longer and gotten married about the same time — I am arrested by the sheer impossibility of my own marriage. How is it that Graham and I were engaged after one year of dating, and married shortly after two?

Then I see that God has ordained our marriage to make us more like his Son, Jesus Christ. Every God-glorifying marriage is a fruit of the gospel. It is his means to make us “fit for heaven” and in his wisdom, he knows that both Graham and I are best shaped through marriage (just as others might be through singleness).

Even though my 90-day challenge to encourage my husband daily will be (and already is!) fraught with failures, I can trust God to use it to change me. Therefore I came before God today to say, “Thank you for making me more like Jesus through my marriage. Help me to yield to your Spirit to become all that you want me to be.”


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  1. Hey serene,

    just wondering if you got my fb msgs. please let me know cause im not sure if there is something wrong with my fb msging.. or you’re just busy. Thanks


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