I am my husband’s wife


To be my husband’s encourager, I have to remember my main job is to be a wife. It sounds like I’m stating the obvious, but it’s only when I see myself as Graham’s lifelong partner joined together as One by God, that I will faithfully seek his good. If we are truly one, who doesn’t root for herself right?

This is really challenging for me — it means I should see his success as my success. I am not a colleague who is competing side by side with him; I am not a boss telling him how to succeed; I am not even a friend who will congratulate him for his success.

I am his wife — it means I will seek and rejoice in his successes as if they are mine. I should be like the Proverbs 31 woman whose excellent work and noble character contributes to her husband’s success and reputation (v23). She doesn’t spend her energy and gifts carving out a separate identity and career track for herself; she blesses her family with it.

It is with great honour that I serve my husband because God has called me to it.


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