Project Encouragement starts today!


I am starting a brand new 90-day project to encourage my husband daily! In this challenge, I can’t say anything negative about Graham to him, or to anyone else about him. And I also have to say something that I admire or appreciate about Graham to him, and to someone else about him!

Today we have been married ten months. It is a short time to be married though it has been long enough for me to discover and delight that I am married to a wonderful and perfectly-fitted-for-me man.

Yet I have also been picking on the imperfections I spot in him. And often I do so unrelentingly, thoughtlessly, discouragingly. These are not violent blow-ups but they are tense moments when I make it known that he’s broken the law in my kingdom.

I think it is times like that which are more dangerous because little by little, they tear my husband down, strengthen my sinful will, and distort God’s glory in marriage.

Proverbs 19:13 says “a wife’s quarreling is a continual dripping of water”. If you have heard a dripping faucet or seen the effects of dripping water on stone, you would know how terribly annoying or destructive it is.

So I hope this project will turn this willful tongue around and teach me to bless and encourage my husband with my words!


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