a story of two friends


I have prayed for you since the day I befriended you and asked you to help with my wedding preparation. Your lavish help and generosity touched me — I barely knew you and you were inviting me into your house, producing all the right tools that made the invitation cards a breeze to produce, sharing your favourite food, and making sure everything’s done just the right way.

Since I tend to jump on people to study God’s word together, and I didn’t want to scare you off, I decided to just pray and wait. God was teaching me a lot about cultivating friendships, an area that I have always been weak at. And he was showing me a lot about it through your life! Your loyalty to and love for your friends is immediately noticeable and winsome.

And then one day, in the middle of a random conversation — online! and I never chat online anymore these days! — we talked about starting a book club! Just you and me. Even then, y’know, I was afraid to even remotely suggest a Christian book. If you had wanted to read Twilight together, I would have agreed. It’s high time I learn to do something with a friend, just ‘cos we’re friends.

But God knows all along! And we ended up with Know the Truth, a handbook about Christian doctrines. Are you kidding me? Maybe at this point, I was wondering what did I just land myself into. We were about to start on one of the most exhilarating adventures of our life, and neither of us had any idea how intense it’s gonna be. Nor did we ever guess how fruitful it will be as well!

The best bit was seeing God’s word making sense to you and you delighting in reading it more. You also totally surprised me by how committed you are to meeting up faithfully! I am honoured to have front-row seat to watch how God is working in you. Sunday afternoons will never feel the same again. May we, by God’s grace, have many more to come (and in 2 years, you might be married.)


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  1. oh serene! i read and i didnt know how amazin God was working in our lives!!! i wrote a short note, thinking if i should post it on facebook and here you’ve done! our God is great. really great and i am touched by His grace and love, for bringing each other together and learning so much about His goodness!

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