But for the Love of God


When I first had the idea of building relationships through wedding preparations, I was clueless how to go about it. My biggest fear was my friends would just quietly think that I’m making too much work for them but they would be too embarrassed to tell me.

So it was a tremendous surprise when friends whom I’ve not even known for that long spent long Sunday afternoons folding paper envelopes, cutting cards and sticking things together.And they were the ones who said, “Let’s do more!” when I thought I should give them a break.

Another friend also sacrificed her post-graduation freedom to sew ribbons together and attaching them on disposable chopsticks (how ridiculous does that sound!) She even endured the stench of hot boiling homemade starch and a recalcitrant sewing machine to shape a giant cloth ribbon for our photoshoot.

Then there were also the long 12-hour days of peeling, slicing and cooking candied ginger and stuffing them into 300 tiny bags for the guests. Surrounded by mounds of young ginger, swirling fumes of sugar and spice, and the constant harassment of an attention-seeking cat, surely we had good times that were hard to forget.

And there was also my band of bridesmaids with a magician-in-charge (aka wedding coordinator, if you really had to know) who were tireless in finding yellow dresses and matching shoes, turning up for accessories and fitting, and plotting games for the groom and his men. There was another army who helped decorate the hall with handcrafted decorations designed by one of the bridesmaids.

So you see, my wedding preparations were rich, rich with relationships. Not really because of what I did, but because of the love and kindness of God that overflowed through his people to me.

Part 3 tomorrow on how some of these relationships are bearing fruit today!


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