Graham’s shirt for the wedding


You can’t tell, because he looks so suave in it, but Graham’s shirt cost us only about RM$25 (I can’t remember the exact figure now.)

Six months before the wedding, we were at church camp in Kuala Lumpur and during our R&R hours, we wandered into Factory Outlet. Inside, I came across this exquisite slim-fit cotton business shirt that looks like it belongs to an Italian boutique and immediately assigned Graham to try it on. Out he came and the shirt looked even better on him than on the rack, so I said, “We gotta get this for the wedding!”

We didn’t have enough Malaysian money with us (that’s how little we expected to shop) so we reluctantly tried to borrow some from fellow campers. Then we realised Factory Outlet accepts credit, so hurray! I ended up buying a brown tee with cute horse prints on it too. Some times the best things are unplanned.

We weren’t going out of our way to get the cheapest bargain. Practical wisdom can only tell us to get an affordable, versatile shirt with a good fit (very little shirt can be seen under the suit if you think about it) but it sure can’t get us one. So I find buying a good shirt at such a good price an occasion for thanksgiving to God! And Graham has been able to wear that shirt for work since the wedding.

P/s – We went back to a different Factory Outlet this year and got another of the same shirt in pink!


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  1. AHH! m’sia FOS is one of my fav places to shop! i get most of shawn’s polo tees from there when i’m holiday-ing! recently even got 2 for the twin cousins!

    but slim fit formal is definitely an exquisite find! and i think i know which top that you bought! you’ve worn it to church before right?!

    woot woot to FOS m’sia!

  2. Hey Serene,

    If we ever get to go to Brisbane together or Melbourne, then I have to bring you to Harbourtown or DFO, these are basically a whole congregation of Direct Factory Outlets and Harbourtown is GINORMOUS… 😀

    They are not factory rejects of the real things, but are actually the same as what is sold in stores but perhaps were from a past season or something along those lines. Perfectly good stuff for sometimes unbelievably good prices.

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