my wedding dress


I got my wedding dress from an Etsy seller for the grand price of US$50. It’s a vintage Gunne Sax dress by Jessica McClintock and I love it! Not that I had any idea who she is or what Gunne Sax does, but I love the simplicity of the off-shoulder bustier top and midi skirt.

On the wedding day, I bumped into Ivy before the ceremony. She took one look at me and said, “We guessed that you will not have a long skirt!” She’s so right. No long trains that trip me up, thank you very much.

The total price of the dress, plus shipping and tailoring to tuck in the sides, tipped slightly over S$100. What a beautiful bargain and it’s mine to keep! It’s way cheaper than even just renting in Singapore. It could become an heirloom dress for my daughter in the future (or my good friend Cheryl if she wants it!)

Searching for the right dress online was a tough bid though so unless you have time to spare, it may not be the best way to prepare for your wedding. Vintage dresses, especially, are either too big or too old-fashioned for even the most hardcore vintage lover, and some of them are quite pricey too.

There are other ways to save money though. Look for a secondhand dress among your friends and contacts — many brides regret keeping their dresses. If you have to get a new dress, go short. Or like some of my friends did, they tailor their dresses elsewhere in Thailand or China!

At the end of the day however, it’s not saving money for saving money’s sake. It’s possible to obsess over finding the perfect affordable wedding dress and forget that Christ is Lord over our lives, and he’s clothed us with his own righteousness. A robe more dazzling and beautiful than any we can find on earth!

For me, having a simple affordable dress was just my way of saying I don’t need to be the perfect bride appearance-wise on my wedding day — it’s just not possible! — because Jesus has perfected me in God’s sight forever.


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  1. Hi,
    I usually don’t comment on the blogs of people that I don’t personally know, but I felt compelled to do so in your case. I came across your site this morning, and after reading a few of your posts, wanted to say thank you! I am so encouraged by these words of wisdom; it is so refreshing to read the insights of people who are focused on God, living out Phil. 3:14. Thank you, again!


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