our wedding rings


Our wedding rings are from Mustafa! I absolutely love the intricate handiwork on mine. Graham was very skeptical about a gold ring — especially one this thick — but eventually came around. Now we both find his ring very old-fashioned, very cool and I don’t think anyone can pull it off as well as he does!

Why Mustafa? We both volunteer at a clinic that provides affordable healthcare to the migrant workers in Singapore. This clinic is right smack in, you guess it, Little India. I thought it’d be meaningful to get our rings from the locale whose people we’re trying to serve and reach with the gospel.

Why gold? Well you really don’t have much choice when it comes to the metal of choice for Indians — everything’s bright shiny gold! But I like it. I prefer gold to silver; it’s a much better complement for Asian skin.

Where’s my diamond ring? I didn’t want one and told Graham that he need only to propose — this is an expression of the guy’s commitment and risk-taking leadership in the relationship which is biblical. However, he need not bring a diamond ring, which is not biblical and therefore optional.

Practically it means he was ready to propose when he was willing to assume a lifelong responsibility for me — which is what a woman really wants right? — and not when he’s earned enough money to get me a diamond ring. Graham was fresh out of university when he proposed, why make things more difficult when the proposal is stressful enough?

That said, if money is not a problem, and as long as it’s not an excuse to flaunt your wealth, then by all means, get a diamond ring if it’s what the lady likes! But don’t get a diamond ring just because the world says it’s necessary and if it doesn’t cost the guy at least three months’ worth of his salary, he is not being sincere.

I’m not making it up, I actually read that in wedding forums. The discussion threads were full of brides comparing their diamonds and stressed-out boyfriends asking how much he should be prepared to fork out.

So, let us think very carefully about how we use the money God gives us and examine our motivations. A wedding is a joyous occasion where a man and a woman becomes one, but it’s not an excuse to forget prudence and restrain.

The church is Christ’s bride and our ultimate wedding banquet will be in heaven. Then, a diamond ring will be nothing more than a pebble compared to the riches God has in store for us.


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  1. hi there..
    I ve been reading ur blog entries recently. I really like ur perspective and am so glad to find another person who is not totally influenced by the materialistic world that we’re in. That being said, i still am nt sure then how we as Christians are supposed to look at this thing called money or wealth. Having family who is by majority Christian but places such a great importance on getting the job that pays ‘decently’, i am really confused. Is it wrong for Christians to pursue any kind of job? Or do u believe that there is a category the wrong type of jobs? Sorry if the topic is nt really related with ur post, but thanks in advanced.

    • Hello Lia I’m so sorry for the really late response. Thanks for your encouragement and I’m glad you were encouraged by what I’m writing ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe you can share more with me about yourself and your family, and why do you say that your family thinks it’s very important to get a decent-paying job? (Is it certain things they say or advice they give you etc?)

      • Thank you for replying.. I’m sorry for delaying the reply.

        Ok. How should I say it? It’s mainly because of my father (who is a backsliding Christian and my family background). He’s a hard-working person, and I really admire and respect him for that. Now that I am in my final year as an undergraduate…and I am feeling the pressure from my family to do as ‘well’ in the future. Well, now in my mind, I don’t know if I would ever do as ‘well’ as he did. Because of my family background, from young I’ve seen my father doing his business, and from what I’ve seen or heard, sometimes it’s really difficult to do it with the highest integrity if we want to win the competition. My dilemma is my own conscience that says that I should aim to do anything with honesty and integrity. Then, I’m wondering if Christians really can ‘succeed’ in this competitive society? If yes, then how should we go about doing our work?

        Though I’ve only been a silent reader for most of the time…I’m really glad I chanced upon your blog. May it keep on blessing other readers. Gbu.

      • Hey Lia, sorry that I haven’t replied to you in such a long time! Is it ok if we continue our conversation in email instead? Is the gmail address that you left on my blog correct? I will reply you by this week =)

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