why I am committed to my church


“After five minutes of talking with you, do people know more about Glee and Gossip Girl or about the Gospel and God’s grace?” I posed this question to the youths at my last message about the church.

We thank God that even though it really is tough to follow Jesus, he has not left us alone. He has given us each other — people who follow Jesus — to spend time with one another, to encourage one another and to get to know God better.

Since the church is made up of people who follow Jesus (and not a building or a time of the day), it follows that each one of us is responsible for helping each other keep on following Jesus! Who else will do that except for us?

I also shared how I often feel this rush to fly over to Australia just to hang out with Ivan and Agi, because they never fail to remind me, by their godly lives and encouraging words, that it’s worthwhile living for Jesus.

This last message was especially poignant to me. I remember the time when my view of the church was entirely self-centred and misguided which meant constant dissatisfaction  and that perennial search for ‘a better church’.

Understanding that the community of believers is a gift of God to help us continue in faith, and that it’s about serving others and worshiping him together has taught me to stay and serve faithfully in my church.

I am committed to these people even while I pray and wait for when the gospel will be more clearly taught and applied.


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