when all else fails (blast from the past)


I noticed that something was amiss. It’s not quite the same anymore. The faithfulness and consistency has faded and morphed to a sporadic unpredictable pattern. As I was wondering why I’m not blogging everyday anymore, I realised what had changed.

In the first four months of our marriage, we stayed with an aunt. And this aunt had a domestic helper who took care of all our needs. Now that we are staying in our house, I do all the cleaning and cooking; washing and ironing; buying and making; changing and packing. You get the idea — I am a fulltime homemaker cum student! That’s where all the hours have gone.

Looking back, I thank God that I had time at the start of our marriage to rue over the biblical meaning of being a wife. This is serving me well even though circumstances have changed and I’m busier now. And I also thank God for giving me wisdom as a homemaker to arrange my chores.

Since I was busy with the youth ministry recently, then suffered a bout of cough and sore throat, and throw in an exam paper in the midst of all these, housework has proven to be very tricky indeed! Thankfully my husband is not one to fuss over cleanliness. And I’ve also learned that when all else fails, do the food and laundry first and your family will be a-okay. It is true!


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