I have a very wise and gracious husband!


Recently I had to make some changes to my housework schedule. It’s been a busy season and even though I learned to drop things when I really couldn’t do them, that nagging feeling that I didn’t do something persist.

Now the schedule has been a means of God’s grace in helping me do the things that I need to do, and still have time for the things I love to do. Far from being a burden, it’s been a liberation to know what are my domestic duties when I can’t think, don’t want to think or don’t know how to think. Don’t we all know days like that?

So that it will continue to help me serve my husband effectively, especially since I’m in for a tough term ahead, studying both Reformation History and Doctrine, I made the following changes:

  • Monday: Alternate weeks – laundry
  • Tuesday: Alternate weeks – vacuum and mop
  • Wednesday: mid-week break
  • Thursday: Grocery shopping
  • Friday: Bathrooms
  • Saturday: Maybe dry mop
  • Sunday: Rest

Any of the chores also gets switched or dropped completely when I have to meet people. I am learning not to worry about the pile of un-ironed clothes or unkempt array of stuff on the kitchen counter when people visit. Most of all, I am learning to trust God and please him.

I told Graham about the situation and sheepishly asked him what he thinks about me doing the laundry and cleaning the floor only on alternate weeks. (I’m so afraid of any signs of laziness and was wondering if I would only go from bad to worse.) And this is what he said: “It’s totally ok with me dear. You just gotta stick to what you plan then; if it’s alternate weeks, then you gotta do it on alternate weeks.”

I have a very wise and gracious husband!


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