so what if Jesus was raised from the dead?


I was stumped by the topic of my next message — CY Jesus Lives. What exactly do I need to persuade people to believe about the resurrection of Jesus, other than the fact that it did happen, that is crucial to their understanding of the gospel? As it turns out, I needed some persuasion myself of its significance. So what if Jesus was raised from the dead?

Apparently in Paul’s time, just as much as in ours, people were skeptical that the dead could live again. The Corinthians did not believe that the followers of Jesus would be raised, even though they agreed that Jesus was resurrected. But Paul argues if there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Jesus was raised.

At this point, in order to understand the significance of Jesus’ resurrection, Paul examines the alternative instead: ‘So what if Jesus was not raised?’ It will mean that:

  • Preaching of the gospel is in vain
  • Our faith in Jesus Christ is in vain
  • The apostles have misrepresented God by saying he raised Jesus to life
  • Our faith is futile and we are still in our sins
  • Dead Christians have died and that’s all
  • Believers are the most pitiable of all people because they have hope in Christ for only this life, ie. they have no hope of life beyond the grave

Now we can get back to our original question: So what if Jesus was raised from the dead?


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  2. When Jesus was placed in the tomb, roman soldiers were assigned to guard it. In my minds eye, I sort of assumed that a couple of soldiers were placed there, and so would not be reliable if questioned about Christ’s absence from the tomb. But, when I researched the size of a roman guard, i found out that one group of guards would contain anything from 25-200 soldiers, and further research showed that about 200 soldiers were guarding the tomb, or surrounded it. These soldiers were told to keep quiet about what they had witnessed. It is possible, that the centurion whom the apostle Peter led to Christ, would have been in charge of the group guarding the tomb. So the jewish leaders accusation that someone stole the body of christ, should have fell on deaf ears, because to take the body, they’d have had to try and sneak the body out through alot of people to do so. Which would be virtually impossible. From a practicle standpoint. Point is that many eyewitnesses saw the resurrection.

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