one great and glorious liberation


The only thing that God wants of me in ministry is to become more like his Son. That has become more and more of an encouragement to me. Because it always seem that there could be more messages to give, more bible studies to teach and more people to care for. But God’s goal for my glorification makes things so clear, so straightforward and uncomplicated.

Two passages about spiritual gifts taught me humility like I’ve never learned it before. Firstly Paul writes in Romans 12:3 that we ought not to think of ourselves more highly than we should, because we are all saved by grace. And the spiritual gifts I have? I have also received by grace.

Secondly, the astounding implication of 1 Corinthians 13 is there will be no need for anybody’s spiritual gift when Christ comes again. How is that for eating humble pie? Nevertheless the gifts we have are for building one another up  in the church now.

So the great and glorious liberation is this: I am able to do everything I can now, knowing there’s one day when none of it will be needed because everybody will be made perfect. What a hope!


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