from Creator to Saviour


At about 3.26am this morning, I marveled at ‘the birds and the bees’. Specifically, how the union of a man and a woman can give birth to a person with a personality. And how that personality is unique. Plus it’s all there in that newborn who doesn’t even know yet what on earth has happened to him. In fact, parents discover, as much as they shape, the character of their little one.

God is so thorough and personal in creating me and each one of us! As I stirred from my sleep to ponder this wondrous thought, I worshiped God. The absurdity and hideousness of our idolatry and self-exaltation hits me — it is fitting and right for creatures to worship only the Creator.

The Chinese have a saying “飲水思源”. It literally says to remember the source of the water that you drink; in other words, it means being thankful for the people who have helped you and made whatever you do possible.

We instinctively recoil at a person we have helped who shows no gratitude or appreciation. Yet we can live every day in the world God has made, with the breath he’s given us, and everything that makes us who we are — without a word of thanks to our Creator. It is true, we treat God the same way which would make us balk if it were how people treat us.

And this is the same Creator who became a creature himself to die for ingrates such as I. It takes my breath away to think about that.


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