why I’m sure God’s kingdom will come


Either Jesus is God, or he’s not; he leaves us no alternatives. At the end of my first talk in which we took a good look at 5 events in his life, the challenge was to decide for ourselves who really is Jesus.

In my 10-years-long relationship with him, I’ve trusted Jesus as my Saviour who delivered me from my sin, and my Lord who has authority over my life. So it surprised me that I’ve never considered how powerful he really is.

This person had — take a deep breath here — explained people’s lives with his teaching, instantly healed a woman’s fever, stopped a windstorm with just three words, raised a dead girl with a loving summon to rise again, and declared that he’s God by forgiving a man’s sin.

Looking at the life of Jesus has encouraged me to keep on trusting him — there is good reason for trusting him because he surely is God.

Also, I am amazed that Jesus, who is God, would eventually give up his life for me, to take the punishment I deserve for my sin.

Thirdly I was reminded: his kingdom is here! It’s really here! As Bruce Milne puts it: “The miracles may be adduced as supporting evidence of Jesus’ deity, but are best understood as signs of the arrival and character of the kingdom of God through Jesus (Matthew 11:4-6; Luke 4:18f.;11:20).”

This, last of all, spurs me to live with a certain hope that God’s kingdom will come in its full splendour and glory because it’s already begun!


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