It’s not what Jesus did, but who He is.


So many people for over 2000 years have put their trust in Jesus, believing that he had come to die in our place, to take the punishment we deserve for rebelling against God. Some have done so, simply by reading one of the 4 gospels in the Bible.

I’ve always wondered about that because I didn’t come by that route. And I’m amazed because 2 Timothy 3:15 does say the Scriptures are able to lead a person to faith in Jesus Christ. How does it do that?

“The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” (Mark 1:1 ESV)

‘Gospel’ is translated ‘good news’. Mark says the good news is about Jesus Christ who is the Son of God. Who is this person who was the meekest of man yet claimed to be God? Nobody like him ever lived in history.

I was challenged to read Mark’s gospel anew through the lens of a non-believer and see if I could be persuaded that Jesus is really God. The result was no less than stunning.

Look at the highlights of what he did:

He taught with authority, healed the sick , controlled nature, raised the dead and forgave sins. That last act may be a puzzle to us, but to the Jews then, it was a loud and clear declaration from Jesus, “I am God” because they know God is the only one who forgives sins.

People responded with a mix of amazement, fear, gratitude, shock and horror when he did these things. The disciples blurted out what all the rest were wondering — “Who is this?” It was not what Jesus did — which were amazing acts — but what they revealed about him.

I’m getting to know Jesus all over again!


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