announcement: new project!


Here’s a new project to reflect upon what I’m learning from the shortest gospel in the bible. Because it’s challenging my faith to see Jesus as who the bible says he is, and not to see him as a recycled pastiche of ‘what I’ve been told’.

I’ve recently started studying the gospel of Mark. It’s part of my preparation for some evangelistic talks at my church’s youth group (that’s why the intermittent blogging!). This year, we’ve decided to go ahead with the youth edition of Christianity Explored (CY) over Alpha… and I must say I’m very pleased with the choice.

The best advantage CY offers is its study of the word of God in Mark’s gospel. Participants get to look at bible passages first hand during discussion time  and get to know Jesus as they read the historical account about him.

At the same time, speakers (especially inexperienced ones like me) are reined in helpfully by designated passages. This way, I’m less susceptible to airing my views and opinions about God, and I’m compelled to take a good hard look at what Scripture says — which I’ve been enjoying a lot!

So, follow me as I blog through the next 8 weeks.


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