it’s been a happening week but i’m back!


Hey! I know, where have I been right? What happened to Project Everyday? Well things got busy and I thought it would be more important to love my husband first and actually practice hospitality instead of theorizing about it.

(Thank God that something stuck with me from Project Titus 2, which is encouraging, although I still find old sinful attitudes and discover new ones to change all the time.)

Instead of a week-long’s worth of journalling, I give you highlights:

  1. We shared some macaroni dessert with our neighbour. (I had made an extra large batch for a dinner party so that we could do this.)
  2. I had the opportunity to spontaneously invite a bunch of friends over for dessert. (Yes, it was macaroni! I must have made enough to feed a battalion.) It rocks to have extra food at home for surprise guests.
  3. I whipped up bandung at home (with rose syrup and fresh milk) for a friend who had a craving for… you guessed it, bandung! It’s the small things like this which I thank God for.
  4. Oh! My friend came over with her dear four-month old baby boy! I wish I have photos, he’s my youngest guest yet. And dessert macaroni made its appearance again.
  5. I shared a plant-cleaning tip with the same neighbour (see #1) who has the Garden of Eden at her doorstep. And it works — she was very pleased, and so was I! We also had a good chat about her plants.
  6. We had the opportunity to host our family last night for “supper”. And Graham commented afterward, “It really is very peaceful without a TV.” I think we all had a great time just chatting without distractions.
  7. I also had the chance to volunteer at my church’s after-school care centre. I was quite fearful of handling the children at first, but all I got were 3 really gentle girls. I’m thankful that I now stay near church so I could serve in this way.

Yup, pretty ‘happening’ week.

One practical wisdom I learned was to make extra food for dinner parties. That way, I got to invite smaller groups of friends for the rest of the week, whether planned or unplanned! But even if you don’t have food, invite them anyway — even a cup of cold water offered in the name of Jesus will be rewarded. (Matthew 10:42)


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