you are not a project


How would you feel if you came over for dinner at our invitation and find out afterward that I’m blogging about hospitality for a project?

Would it make you feel used? Would it make you think you were invited only because I have a project going on? Would you be wondering, what is she going to write about me?

I’d be glad to be told that I’m thinking too much and no one would ever harbour such thoughts! But these questions did cross my mind… and I want to be careful so that our guests won’t need to feel uncomfortable, mistreated or deceived for these reasons.

I want to tell my guests: You are not a project!

You are invited because God’s love is so glorious and abundant and I want to share it over a meal and a chat. No project could make me want to cook, talk, laugh, listen, vacuum, mop and wash. You are the main event, the project is a mere record.

We are not servants to this project — you are not a project specimen, neither am I driven by the project. Instead, the project’s serving us because it’s helping me think and work hard at showing hospitality — which means asking you over!

I write so that I won’t gloss over what God has told me in his Scripture to do, I write so that I’ll think hard about how to live it out in my life, I write so that I remember my lessons and keep on learning.

I pray that this project will never precede people and my guests become a vessel for my vanities.


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