why hospitality?


Like a lot of other things that God wants us to do, he doesn’t actually need me to be hospitable. He can easily provide food, drinks and fellowship for any one in  far more satisfying ways than I can. Indeed he is the only one who can provide all these things for all of us. Yet he unmistakeably chooses to use his people to serve others by opening up our homes and hearts. (1 Peter 4:9, Romans 12:13, Hebrews 13:2) Why?

For the next part of my project, I shall begin by asking two key questions: Why hospitality and What is hospitality? Even though hospitality is a very practical matter, I don’t think I will get very far without answering these questions first. (Besides I’m just really curious… aren’t you?)

If I only nail the how-tos of throwing parties and befriending people, I might become a Martha Stewart and/or a Dale Carnegie, but I would not have pleased God. And I would be a fool to be renowned among man for my hospitality only to be turned away by God when I enter his house. What would I say to God, “Look how many people came for tea”?


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