six girls and a man


“Don’t leave me alone with them,” said my husband who had shuffled uneasily into the kitchen.

Half a dozen girls were over for dinner two days ago and the chattering was building up in the living room. I laughed and shooed him back to the living room.

“I’m busy and you can’t hide here!”

For all his self-described fears of “girl talk”, I think he held up pretty well. And I’m so proud of him that he didn’t go out running, which was his original plan to hide.

But it’s not just my husband who has a fear of having people over. I, too, thought this project was rather foolhardy. Not only do I have to do the hard work of inviting people and facing rejections, I have to publicise my efforts and expose my weaknesses?

I’ve met amazing ladies who are the quintessential ‘hostess with the mostest’. Well let’s just say I’m not sure how to be nurturing and I often feel awkward myself in conversations. How would I make anyone feel comfortable in my home?

But we were roundly encouraged by a message from John Piper on Marriage, Singleness and the Christian Virtue of Hospitality (click on the link to see my awesome highlights!) which mentioned:

If you are afraid of hospitality—that you don’t have much personal strength or personal wealth—good. Then you won’t intimidate anybody. You will depend all the more on God’s grace. You will look all the more to the work of Christ and not your own work. And O what a blessing people will get in your simple home. Your little apartment.

The best hospitality each of us will ever receive is really from none other than God himself. It cost him his only begotten Son’s life to welcome us and to turn us from his enemies to friends. As we have been shown hospitality by God, so we are exhorted to be hospitable to one another with what he has given us.

I’m thankful that Graham agrees we’re compelled by God’s love for us to think more about hospitality — I am not alone on this project! So here we go… Day 2.


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  1. Dear Serene,

    So glad to see you trying to be a hospitable host. I’m sure you did great and that your guests all had a lovely time… 🙂

    Was it kind of like what I described to you about my experiences here?


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