satan, you go away!


Satan accuses me to God that I’m a horrible wife.

“She picks on small things that her husband does wrong. She doesn’t appreciate his talent in playing the guitar. She frowns on her husband’s whining and whines all the time herself. She doesn’t let him do anything around the house.”

“Guilty as charged,” I thought and my heart sinks. Marriage is for life — does that mean I’m stuck like this forever?

Then God gestured with his hand. And he says, “Not guilty, not condemned, not punished.”

I looked at what he was showing Satan and I saw Jesus seated on his throne by the right hand of God.

“My Son has paid her penalty in full with his life and his righteousness is now hers. Do you have anything else to say, Satan?”

Satan stands defiant.

Then I found courage to declare, “Satan, you have no right to accuse me before God. In the name of Jesus Christ, you go away! You have no power over me, you have no power over my marriage, you have no power in our house.”

Not guilty, not condemned, not punished. The Judge of the Universe has justified me. And with that, he also gives me his Holy Spirit to change me. Pardon from sin and power to change — I have been set free indeed!


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