how an introverted christian does housework

how an introverted christian does housework

We are surviving our new house all right, but I wonder how long will our house survive us ha ha! For now, this is what my clean-up schedule looks like:

  • Monday: Laundry
  • Tuesday: Vacuum and mop
  • Wednesday: Mid-week break
  • Thursday: Meal planning and grocery shopping
  • Friday: Bathrooms
  • Saturday: Vacuum and mop
  • Sunday: Sabbath rest!

I’ve planned certain chores to suit the level of energy I have on that day in a typical week.

For example, we have a huge family dinner on Sunday nights and any social gathering drains the life out of me (I’m an introvert; by definition, I lose energy when with people and gain energy when alone).

So on Monday, I do the laundry which doesn’t require any more than dumping dirty clothes into the washer and dryer and letting them do the magic.

Meal planning happens on Thursdays because that’s when Fairprice publishes its weekly sales in the papers. While picking up the newspaper, I also eat breakfast out at the coffee-shop with Graham before hitting the supermarket. I enjoy that a lot!

Lastly I acknowledge my need for physical rest by planning breaks in the weekly routine. That’s my way of honouring God and suppressing my sinful urge to be self-dependent. And I also probably work and feel better on the other days!


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  1. Hey Serene,

    Good to see how you’re getting your life organised and I agree with your rationale. πŸ™‚ So you did get a dryer. Hooray! πŸ˜€ I don’t know if you were inspired by when you came to my house, but I think that it was after you came to my house that we were talking about dryers, providing you supplier names and prices. So in a way I’m my family inspired one part of your house. Dryers make one’s busy life so much easier and you’ll never have to worry about weather elements.

    Hope youre well.


  2. Hey Hazel, thanks! I was definitely convinced by your mum to get a dryer. And she introduced me to Goh Ah Bee, best thing ever! I go to them for all my electrical stuff now. πŸ™‚

  3. Hooray! More business for Goh Ah Bee! I reckon when I do have my own house I would go to Goh Ah Bee too and I’ll bring my parents along and say we’ve been your long time customers. πŸ˜€

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